Is talk really cheap?

I spoke these words out of my mouth the other day...”TALK IS CHEAP” and then I heard the Holy Ghost say…”IS TALK REALLY CHEAP?”  I had to think about that thing for a second. We as people often say people talk and do not put action behind their words so therefore their talk is cheap, … Continue reading Is talk really cheap?

Dirty, Wrinkled & Wrote on

I have a dislike for certain things. A dirty, wrinkled and wrote on bill is one of them. I can’t stand carrying one around; I have to get rid of it quick. An example can be shown from the picture below.I like my bills clean with a presentable look. This is how God is with us; He doesn’t want to see uslooking any kind of way. The Lord wants us clean (washed and … Continue reading Dirty, Wrinkled & Wrote on