Jackie P. Tucker is a brought up warrior for Christ, carrying a deep passion for serving God, and walking daily doing the works of an Evangelist. Born January 7, 1986 in Jacksonville, FL overcoming trials and tribulations at a young age brought her to know the living God. By going in and out of unstable environments and surviving poverty along with her mother and siblings; Jackie learned the importance of standing strong throughout whatever life brought her way. While serving with a compassionate urge in the Lord Jackie is empowering minds to come into the knowledge and understanding of who God is. In 2013 with the orchestrating of the Holy Spirit Jackie published her first book entitled “Breaking the Yokes of a Suicidal Spirit,” Revealing the trials, tribulations, and tests she encountered during her earlier years of life. Throughout the book she exposes the enemy in truth that indeed he is a liar and stands to witness to the people that they have the Power to overcome the world in God. She speaks of the tactics of how the enemy will try to get you to destroy your life not only physically but spiritually without fulfilling the purpose placed inside of you. Four months after publishing her book during a time of prayer Jackie wrote and recorded a song of deliverance entitled “New Life.” Inspired in the Lord the single new life became a model cry out song encouraging souls to embrace new life in God. In 2015 standing on the word of God she wrote and recorded a song of hope entitled “Better Days,” letting God’s people know that though we endure suffering while on this side that the Lord will always make a way and better days are ours. Inspiring many with her gifts from the Lord she is a gifted poet, song writer and graphic designer.  Jackie stands today as Prophetic voice and a living testimony that the battle is real, sin kills, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, and that God is in control.