Let the “Fast Food Mindset” Go!

In having a conversation with the Lord. I have come more into the understanding that we as a people in general have a fast food mindset. We tend to have a working McDonald’s, Burger King, or Wing joint type of Spirit. Some of us have imitation meat, have it your way syndrome, and different flavor… Continue reading Let the “Fast Food Mindset” Go!

No Overlapping

I just heard this in the Spirit…”GOD DOES NOT OVERLAP!” to overlap means to cover parts of something, to stack partial layers over others. Food for thought: We often ask the Lord to fill us, Yet we neglect that every fill requires a release. In order to receive you have to be able to release.… Continue reading No Overlapping

Dirty, Wrinkled & Wrote on

I have a dislike for certain things. A dirty, wrinkled and wrote on bill is one of them. I can’t stand carrying one around; I have to get rid of it quick. An example can be shown from the picture below.I like my bills clean with a presentable look. This is how God is with us; He doesn’t want to see uslooking any kind of way. The Lord wants us clean (washed and… Continue reading Dirty, Wrinkled & Wrote on