Let the “Fast Food Mindset” Go!

In having a conversation with the Lord. I have come more into the understanding that we as a people in general have a fast food mindset. We tend to have a working McDonald’s, Burger King, or Wing joint type of Spirit. Some of us have imitation meat, have it your way syndrome, and different flavor attitudes. Rather be inside or outside the Church we all carry one or more at some point or time in our lives. These are spots that have the capability to spread and infect. Our job is to demolish these from our mind and house at first sight of existence. If we are going to work for the Kingdom of God we have to come real, in truth, one flavor (meaning one faith, one hope, one Lord, loving God, others & treating each other as we would ourselves), get out of emotions, and in God there is no have it your way it’s all God way or no way. The race set before us is not fast paced (the winners are the ones that endure to the end), neither is it about us. We must learn to slow down or sit down. If we are going to represent God, we are to represent ALL of him and not just some of him. The fast food mindset has to GO from our lives because it’s a flesh overtake that is continually hovering through the atmosphere. We must guard our spirit at all times or lest we take part of a fool.

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