No Overlapping

I just heard this in the Spirit…”GOD DOES NOT OVERLAP!” to overlap means to cover parts of something, to stack partial layers over others. Food for thought: We often ask the Lord to fill us, Yet we neglect that every fill requires a release. In order to receive you have to be able to release. God can’t fill an occupied space! We must release what is not of him so that he can fill us with everything like him. Some stuff need to go down the drain and after the cleansing process to new life we then ask for more filling. The Lord does not send an overflow in our lives for us to just sit full. Everything the Lord fills us with he calls for us to then go out forth and release that what is within us for his Glory. The Lord is saying…He will not throw layers over layers and this is why your state has not changed, and why your life has not progressed in him. If we want to get to another level, we must complete the first level. It’s like children when they play video games you can’t play the next level until you pass the first one, but unlike the video games the Lord doesn’t want us to go re-play levels once you pass the level then we are to keep on in advancement. God does not overlap in the spirit concerning his will, he will not cover up anything and does not want us to have a overlapped mindset! Many of us are walking with an overlapped mind frame as if some things we are going to be able to slip pass God like he will understand. No he does not and will not overlap your issue, situation, or most defiantly not any type of sinful act. Beware…Overlapping can be double mindedness and the Bible says in the book of James that such a person is unstable. Take some time to evaluate your life and make sure you’re not living a overlapped lifestyle. Let’s us also remember that for as much as we receive, we should just as much release. (AMEN, AMEN, AND AMEN!)