Wake-Up Call

WAKE-UP CALL: There are times in our lives where God has to be an alarm clock for us in the spirit because we tend to fall in sleep mode to his plans and need a wakeup call. Not to wake you from being spiritually dead but to you craving the road of Holiness to wake you from being bewitched in taking a turn from your belief. Being the first partaker the Lord just gave me a wakeup call concerning my own life. I was on the verge of drifting into a sleep mode on where I am and who I am because instead of continuing to walk in faith I opened my eyes and looked around on what I thought could be and dwelled on what I wanted to be. The Lord reminded me of some years ago when a Prophetess spoke to me and told me that I was “Reserved.” I instantly looked up the definition and said Lord “Thank you.” I was on a road of a sleep (unaware) mode concerning his plan for my life. I always would say “God, I’m doing this and I’m doing that.” But never thought about what God was doing! We as people can want so much for ourselves but what we want could very well not be on the Lords agenda for our lives. I know I’m not the only facing this fact right now so therefore I pray that the Lord will send out a wakeup call in the lives of every believer that needs it. In Jesus name, Amen! We need not worry about the world or be concerned about our role in it because God said that we are not even of it. That’s why it’s important to know God for ourselves and continuously eat his word so that we can hear the wake up calls when God sends them out during the times we need them. Did he not say the Holy Spirit would keep us? Yes he did and it will as long as we want it and allow it. I learned a valuable lesson today and I’m going to make sure I keep this lesson while I’m yet in this world. The lesson is: Never rush the process and leave the process in God hands. I’m reserved for a reason, just as some of you out there is as well. Let us wait for the moment of release that will not be in our timing but in God’s timing. Let us stay focused and stay on course. Amen!