Silence is a killer

Do you know your silence has the capability to kill?

I am here to tell you as a witness that silence is bomb. It can blow up some things just by doing nothing. How powerful is that? Extremely Powerful!

I was in a situation where I sat in silence for a certain amount a time, just meditating on the Lord and his word when certain individuals whom noticed my silence took offense because I was not talking, in a talking atmosphere. Have you ever been in a place with God where you didn’t see or hear anybody even though people were in fact around and talking? Well that’s how it was for me. I want to share this bit of wisdom with you because in this I found another weapon to use against the enemy. Silence is a weapon! Just by saying nothing you can break down and disrupt spirits that are not good. A good spirit will be gentle to your silence and respect it. But a bad spirit will react to your silence in a rude, ugly way. When you get a reaction to something that is nothing give God some praise because it is signifying the difference between good and evil, separating the things that are of him and not of him and clarifying who belongs to him and who doesn’t.

Do you use counteraction to the reaction against you due to your silence? No, you remain silent and rejoice!

Why? Because your reaction determines your victory over any situation.

In life many people will rise up against you and half of the time it will be for no reason at all. We only win its battle by remaining to stand still. I am reminded of Jesus when he took up his cross and encountered various forms of temptation. When he was questioned he said nothing mostly and when he did open his mouth he only spoke that which was of the word of God. For that truth spoken they yelled crucify him. Are we to walk in that same path? Yes! Because Jesus said in the book of Matthew “Those that do not carry their cross is not worthy of me.” To be worthy of Jesus must be our mission because it means being worthy of God. Jesus and God are one! So carrying our cross is essential in the walk of every believer. That’s our way to the Kingdom of Heaven. Okay, the mention of Jesus took me in another direction but nevertheless to God be the Glory it all ties in. So we see silence has a way of tearing, revealing and if I do say so myself instilling to us because without you knowing it, it can blow up some things right in your face. Because of the silence I had and the individuals getting mad about it, it tore up the relationship we had and caused us to therefore be silence toward one another from that day and so on. It showed the individuals true colors toward something that’s was nothing.

Silence can do all that? Yes, silence is just as powerful as words spoken. But when you use silence as a weapon, use it for the greater good and not for evil. How? I’m glad you asked! There is a time to speak and a time not to speak. For instance, you don’t just be quiet just to irritate others, there are times where silence is needed. Say someone is throwing ignorant words at you. Reaction? Silence! because silence speaks in more volumes than words coming out of your mouth. It says “This moment is not worth it.” Its like walking away for a situation that is not good but because you did, it signifies that you are good. Your silence allows God to speak and move on your behalf. So be quiet sometimes and let the Lord have his way because words have a way of causing you to lose his way. Silence, a bomb threat to those who can’t stand the spirit of good you are in. With that being said, sit back and relax and let your silence fight for you sometimes.