Is talk really cheap?

I spoke these words out of my mouth the other day…”TALK IS CHEAP” and then I heard the Holy Ghost say…”IS TALK REALLY CHEAP?”  I had to think about that thing for a second. We as people often say people talk and do not put action behind their words so therefore their talk is cheap, signifying that their words have no meaning. But put this in your mind, I had to let the Holy Spirit break down the revelation of this to me.

If talk is cheap because of the thought that words have no meaning, then why do the words still have an effect over our lives?

 Every word that flows out of our mouth whether we stand on them or not will cost us something, why? Because what you speak is the very thing that shapes and molds you into who you are. That’s why they have the saying “you are what you speak.’ The Lord said in the book of Matthew 15:11…It’s not what goes in the mouth that defiles a man but what come out of the mouth. So therefore whatever comes out of our mouth can either be for our good or for our bad. Truly the words you speak have the power to either take you down or build you up. If I was to speak assumption words out of my mouth then that’s a spirit that I’ve let in to overtake my mind into believing the majority of things that are spoken to me or not a fact. Therefore I believe in things that are not of the truth.

 Now I have to identify whether or not the words that I speak is costing destruction in my life or is nourishing to my life.

Take note on my example…Whatever is spoken is of worth. Whatever is put out or taken in has value because it has the power to move. So therefore let us all be careful what we speak, because talk is not cheap! I heard this in the spirit, “The word of God will test you.” Even when we speak his world he will hold to it and cause the enemy to come test it to see if we can live it out. So with that being said…Guess what? Not only the word of God but EVERY word will test us. So let us be careful what we speak out of our mouths towards ourselves and others. Amen!