Stop talking & Start doing

I always hear people talk about what God does for them, how their blessed and they thank him for it. But I rarely hear people say what they do for God!

Yes God is a good God. Great is his mercy and his grace, he always shows us how much he loves us, that’s nothing new. He created us and he wants us all to make it in his Kingdom. He’s always going to be that way because he doesn’t change. He’s the same God then, now and forever. As I sit and write, I can only imagine how selfish we all can be in the eyes of the Lord. I find myself guilty as the Holy Spirit ministers this to me, knowing for as much as the Lord does for me, I should love him enough to do as much in return. In all our doing, we should obey and keep his commandments, spread his word and be a vessel that is Holy and acceptable unto him to bring his people back from a state of bondage just as we were brought back. Let us change our mindset that instead of always speaking of what God does for us, Let us speak of what we do for God.
I can speak a ton of things the Lord has done for me lately, but what can I really say about what I’ve done for him. Reader, what have you done for him lately? We have to remember that this journey is not about us. We can’t be selfish and just dwell on what we get from God and let that be our reasons for smiling and living. I don’t know about you but I want to be able to say “I got two souls back today for God or I was used to heal the sick today.” I made myself available for him to get the Glory and his Kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven. Now that’s what it’s all about! Its time to stop talking blessings and start speaking blessings, living by showing and giving is far greater than living by just taking. (Catch that Revelation)

So with that being said….to me and to you. Let’s show the Lord how much we love him for a change. He deserves it!