Dirty, Wrinkled & Wrote on

I have a dislike for certain things. A dirty, wrinkled and wrote on bill is one of them. I can’t stand carrying one around; I have to get rid of it quick. An example can be shown from the picture below.I like my bills clean with a presentable look. This is how God is with us; He doesn’t want to see uslooking any kind of way. The Lord wants us clean (washed and purified from sin) and presentable (carrying the fruits of the spirits and equipped with the whole armor of God). I don’t like anything dirty in my hands and neither does God. He will not use anything that is not pleasing to his sight.Like this bill even though it’s dirty, wrinkled and wrote on, I will not waste it, I will use it because it still has worth. God is saying the same thing, you may have stains and be contaminated with sin now, but if you allow him, he will transform you and give you new life. He will clean you up and wash away everything (sin) that causes you to not be a usable vessel in his sight. Once you’reclean and presentable then he looks smiles and says “now I can use my daughter or my son.” See this is how you know you are just like your father; you hate the things he hates and love the things he loves. I am just like my God (daddy) and it’s taken getting to know him for myself to find it out. We have to really “Know God,” that’s the only way we will truly understand how to live a life of Holiness! Amen.