Low Fuel

So I was driving in my car the other day and I needed to stop and get some gas. As I drove I couldn’t help but to continually glance over at the bright low fuel light. On about my third glance I heard the Holy Ghost say “This is just like the importance of how you need God’s word.” I begin really think about that… it’s TRUE because the Lord’s word is a necessity and we need it in order to keep the drive/move in our lives. His word is just like our fuel we use in the car to get us where we need to go. If we run out of fuel the car will not move and you can try to keep driving on E all you want but eventually you will come to a halt because the fuel is something you need. Well reality check it’s the same with God’s word, if you don’t keep it in your system eventually you’re going to end up being a nonfunctional person. You don’t want to end up in the junk yard rotting do you? I didn’t think so! Cars that don’t have fuel lose their value… If you’re going to live and not just exist, you have to put the word of God in your system so that you can be functional, fulfill purpose and not die in a sinful nature. The Lords word helps us be wise, make good decisions and live a stable lifestyle. It’s our daily bread and our water when we thirst. Its more important than anything will we ever need. So food for thought, think of how important it is for you to fill your gas tank up in your car to keep getting you where you need to go. Thats how important it is for us all to need God’s word, we  need it to keep us going in this life and to get us through living in this world. AMEN!