Restart your Ignition

You ran a good course; you were fighting a good fight. But you stopped. Don’t just stop, sit and do nothing, its time turn back on the passion you had to manifest purpose in your life.

 Just like a car that gets drove everyday and does its job to get the driver where he or she has to go so that whatever they have to do can be done. So are we, we are like the car, we our purposed filled people created for a cause to do the will of our father, the Lord thy God. The Lord is our driver and we are his car…many have stopped letting the Lord drive and have parked, stopped and sat on the seat of do nothing.

 Restart your ignition; there is work to be done. There is purposed to be fulfilled. Let God lead the way.

 We as people in this world have cars that we cherish, we drive them every day, we keep them up and we even wash them so that they can look presentable to others. That’s what the Lord does for us… he cherishes us, he drives(use) us, he keeps us and washes us so that others can see that he is the one who dwells within us(drives us). But we have to do our part as well, we have present ourselves to be usable vessels, we have to let the Lord wash us and drive us, we have to be obedient vessels for his Glory.

 Food for thought: Does a car do his own will? Or does a car do the will of the driver? Can a car move or progress any without a driver behind the wheel? A car can move by itself but it has no sense of direction without someone to guide it. So can the clay live without the potter? No, clay cannot shape, mold or create itself into anything.

 I take you in the natural so that you can see in the spiritual that we need God. Many have turned their backs and stopped their engines. Stopped praying, stopped believing and stopped hoping in a greater cause. Not only the worldly people but also the Church have lost their way in what must be done for every soul that dwells in this nation.

 We have sat for to long, being rusted out and looking old. Its time to shake off what is unlike God and get moving, its time for a restart, its time to get back on the battlefield, its time to pray like never before, its time to fast like never before, its time for the redeemed of the Lord to say so as it is written in the book of Psalms 107, Its time to ignite the drive back into our spirit to speak, teach and convert.

 So you say I am car (vessel) that has been wounded, treated wrong, damaged and abused. So you say I am old in years. Can I still be used? Yes you can.


Food for thought: Is an old rusted down car still capable of driving? Can it still take someone where they have to go and do what they have to do? Yes it can. It may be old in years and looks as if it has ran its course as much as it can but it is still usable. Equipped with oil and an engine to run it has the power to move. See, all we have to do is let the driver have his was with us and any and all things are possible, all we have to do is supply the Faith in him and ourselves.

 We are sitting for to long, its time to restart our ignitions…

 Also many of us have not started up because we let the wrong driver ride us, we have

Let the enemy take a seat behind the wheel to use and abuse us. We have let worriation, depression and calamity weigh us.

 See a good driver will take care of his car, he will keep it up and will he preserve it even until its old age and still use it. A bad driver will use it, abuse it and then abandon it for

What he thinks it’s the next best thing. Allow me to go deeper here, I can hear the Lords revelation as I write… even in the Lords tabernacle we use the preacher as the car and drive out and over weigh them and abuse them thinking we can always go get something better. We use the Church for what we want and then we leave and dump it for our own personal gain and then we as a car ourselves go get a driver we think its right to find out in the end that they are wrong, and now because we have left good for wrong we are left parked and abandoned without a workable engine to start our ignition.

 Is there still hope through this? Yes there is because great is the Lords mercy and great is his grace.

 I heard the Lord say in his word in the book of Ezekiel 37“Son of man, can these dry bones live?” See we don’t have to stay like we are, so what if we have been hurt, abused or damaged. So what if we are old and feel outdated. The Lord can put us back together again, breathe on us and restore us back to our original state so that we can used for his Glory. There are so many ways this can be taken but to make a long story short, its time now like never before to repent, live and restart our ignition because we have work to do and purpose to fulfill. Don’t just sit and die, live and be that car that’s on the move all the time and every day.

 Like any car, a car has its resting moments but is always there when needed to move and accomplish what needs to be done. With the Lord as our driver, he can drive the hell out of us everyday; all we have to do is let him lead/guide the way.

 Don’t just sit and die, crank back up for God, turn back to him and let him drive you all the way to his Kingdom, To those that have been worn out, torn down and misused, its time to Restart Your Ignition.

 I thought I was done writing until I heard the Holy Ghost say now talk about the keys the driver uses to start the car. We all know you need keys to start the ignition of any car excluding the new model that have advanced features, But it takes a key, I mention earlier that we must supply Faith, well Faith is our key according to the word of God. Without the Keys, God cant don’t use/move us. Now see the Lord has a master copy and can do what he pleases because he is the almighty King but we all have our own set of keys that allows us to move and do what we have to do in life. God is waiting for us to use our keys so that we can move and do his will and not our own. At times we put our keys in the hands of wrong people and place but God is waiting for total trust and commitment in him to take our keys and take our car (us) for test drives so that we can be fitted for the Kingdom. We have to let the Lord have his way in our lives. We have to drive in purpose.

 Also the word of God says in the book of James 5 that we are to pray for one another and confess to one another. Cars help one another by what they call a “Jump Start”, when one car is having trouble starting up another car can connect to get and give it a boost. Well this is how we are to be towards each other in this world and especially among the Church, we are to lift up, encourage, and intercede for each other. Just like the cars connect, so shall we be a power source for one another to help push the drive in us so that we may continue to move for the Lord.